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and now, song lyrics.

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Sometimes, I love my iPod. It managed to deal up a perfect accompaniment to tonight's pre-canon!Angel-Collins thread. And on that note, I come bearing lyrics.

Warm me from the wind and take my hand
A song is sounding, softly singing
My song is cast upon the rainbow waves
Forever splashing in the sunlight
Prove to me there's a love still left
In all of this emptiness around me
Take me from the chilling of the evening

Though you know my love that I must go
A-following the winds that blow inside me
I've nowhere left to run or hide
Except if you will come and run beside me
And even if you do there'll be a lot for us to do
To keep believing
Take me from the chilling of the evening

And now my time has come down many streets
I'm coming from a night decaying
The song that itself sings is all alone
I cannot even hear it playing
Now to leave before I understand
Just what it is I'm leaving
Take me from the chilling of the evening
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"Rock and Roll Doctor" - Little Feat
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